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'Scream' Stills and Sounds

In a little more than two weeks, there is this little horror movie that is set to premiere, called Scream 4 - heard of it?  Yes, two of my hobbies are obnoxious sarcasm and alliteration.  Anyway, as we wait eagerly for the flick to premiere, we've got some goodies for you.  First, new stills. Fear not; nothing really spoiler-y:  Sidney and Jill (Neve Campbell and Emma Roberts) getting scared; Gale (Courtney Cox) with a Ghostface mask; Kirby and Charlie (Hayden Panettiere and Rory Culkin) about to kiss.  But wait, there's more!  Act now and you will get a track listing for the upcoming Scream 4 soundtrack.  Just hit the jump, and all this can be yours.

The Scream 4 soundtrack listing (currently available for preorder on iTunes; available on April 12)...

1.   "Something To Die For" The Sounds  
2.   "Bad Karma" Ida Maria

3. "Cup Of Coffee" The Novocaines
4. "Make My Body" The Chain Gang of 1974
5. "Don't Mess With The Original"    Marco Beltrami
6. "Yeah Yeah Yeah" The Sounds
7. "Run For Your Life" 6 Day Riot  
8. "Axel F" Raney Shockne
9. "On Fire" Locksley
10.  "Devils" Say Hi
11. "Denial" Stereo Black
12. "Jill's America" Marco Beltrami