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News Article

SDCC 2009: EA and Image Team Up for 'Dead Space: Extraction' Comic


All you lucky slobs who get to go to the San Diego Comic Con (me, I’m stuck in New England during the rainiest summer in years…bleurgh), be sure to check out the EA booth (#5123) to score an advance copy of the Dead Space: Extraction comic, which isn’t due out for the rest of us until September!  Lucky!  More after the break!

Featuring the same powerhouse team of writer Antony Johnston (who wrote the games’ dialogue) and Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night) that wrote the original Dead Space comic, the new book will follow a different perspective than the prequel game itself, showing a different group of colonists trying desperately to fight off the necromorph menace.  Given how the original game started, I don’t think their chances are too good.

In addition to the advance comic, the booth will also be hosting signings from the creators Thursday 3-4 PM, then Friday through Sunday 1-2 PM.  There will also be exclusive merchandise available, and the Dead Space team from Visceral Games will be on hand for a panel on “The Art of Making a Horror Video Game” Friday at 6 PM in Room 2. 

All of those not attending the Comic Con can attend, in spirit, “The Art of Drinking Bitterly” a panel hosted by me all weekend in my apartment.