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SDCC 2012 Exclusive Merch - Shop Early, Shop Often


Comic-Con is often a bank-buster. Besides zillions of vendors peddling their wares, many others offer exclusive trinkets that you can only find at the show. So crack open that piggy bank and make your shopping list.

258 West Authentic Signatures (Symbiote Studios)
Booth # 4533
These autograph dealers will offer limited edition autographed trading cards from The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and True Blood.
Price: $20 each

Applehead Factory
Booth # 4923
Teddy bears may just be making a comeback. The good folks who make Teddy Scares have whipped up an exclusive Comic-Con zombie bear to sell at the show. Plus, he comes with a wicked journal.
Price: $20

Bluefin (Bandai Collectors and Hobby)
Booth # 3545
Sure, you could get any one of a number of anime figures at this booth... or you could get Godzilla! Bluefin has two exclusive Godzilla figures this year: a big red angry Godzilla, and a baby Godzilla in a crystal cage.
Price: $43 and $55

BOOM! Studios
Booth # 2743
Fanboys vs. Zombies is offering an issue with a special SDCC cover. The cover is actually blank, but it is blank for a reason: to encourage buyers to get F vs. Z artist Jerry Gaylord to draw you your own cover. Hopefully he will draw zombies and not just a caricature of you on a skateboard.
Price: $20
Booth # 4738
The CineQuest folks are offering their annual Supernatural “Road Trip to San Diego.” Only 50 available!
Price: $25

Diamond Comics
Booth # 2401
In addition to grabbing the retailers cover version of The Walking Dead issue 100, snag a Rick and zombie Minimates toy two-pack.
Price: TBD

Entertainment Earth
Booth # 2343
Not one but two collectible toy sets based on The Twilight Zone can be found here. One represents the “To Serve Man” episode (with a cookbook journal and a lunchbox); the other is a diorama representing “The Invaders” episode.
Price: $25 and $30

Famous Monsters of Filmland
Booth # 1509
Famous Monsters always does an exclusive SDCC cover. This year, they went with The Thing
Price: $14.99

Hero Initiative
Booth # 5003
Hero Initiative is offering three exclusive Lady Death covers. One is embedded with genuine Swarovski crystals - you know, for the ladies.
Price: $15 and $40

Image Comics / Skybound
Booth # 2729
More The Walking Dead goodies! Head here to grab a Michonne variant action figure; an Issue #100 watch; a Governor t-shirt; and a hardcover compendium collecting the first 48 issues of The Walking Dead.
Price: $25 - $100

Monogram International Inc.
Booth # 3744 & #3 746
You know you need a Frankenweenie bronze-finished statue.

Multiverse Studio / SOTA Toys
Booth # 2846
This is Samael. He is from the Darksiders video game. His heart lights up via USB. He wants to come live with you.
Price: $249.99

Booth # 3145
NECA has a ton of stuff that we want: Hero From the Sky Ash from Evil Dead 2; black and white comic book Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street 5; and cloaked city hunter from Predator 2.
Price: $25 each

Titan Books
Booth # 5537
Can you believe Lenore is 20 years old? Celebrate Roman Dirge’s cute little dead girl with this new anniversary collection.
Price: $17.95