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The Second Coming of BoZo?


Defying easy description more than just about any other band featured on these pages – and folks, that's saying a hell of a lot – the bucket of total wrongness who call themselves BoZo PoRNo CiRcuS have signaled their return to touring after a five-year absence.

Basically a whacked-out explosion of evil industrial metal and experimental electronics combined with performances that are part apocalyptic sci-fi spectacle, part live sex show and part fetish performance art, BPC is Houston's kinky kindred spirit to southern-fried-sex-rock acts like Tampa's Genitorturers and Atlanta's Impotent Sea Snakes.

Founded in 1991 by Ken Gerhard (who is also a well known monster-hunting cryptozoologist in his spare time... no seriously, look it up!) and featuring band members with names like @dor Charming, Candyxxx and Ambrosia (and don't forget backup dancers "The Porn Starz"), the band took their adults-only show all over the southern US for three years before releasing their first official album Restrained, Retrained. The band continued a successful run until finally going on hiatus five years ago, but have just announced their official "revamping" for 2009, with new material and performances coming soon.

Most images of these folks in action are NSFW, but their MySpace is relatively safe, so grease up yer PVC pants and go check 'em out.