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News Article

See What's Behind 'The Gate'


H2O Motion Pictures has, on its website, posted some artwork for the company's upcoming remake of the classic 1987 kids' fantasy-horror flick The Gate. It's not much to go on, but judging by these images (taken, one can assume, from the film's storyboards) it looks like attention is being paid to making the film's monsters and set pieces at least reminscent of the original's.

Add to that the fact that the film, directed by Alex Winter (a.k.a. Bill of Bill and Ted fame), will be in 3D, with design and visual effects by Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings veteran Randall William Cook, assisted by no less a luminary than friggin' Alien designer H.R. Giger, and we might have a fun night at the movies on our hands next year.