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News Article

Sharks Swim Into Theatres in 3D


Perhaps on the heels (or tail fins) of the success of Piranha 3D, a new shark thriller is swimming for theatres in 2011.  And guess what?  It's going to be in 3D.  The film, at one point titled Shark Night is currently without a title.  Relativity will release in 2011.  Cast and plot details come after the jump.

Like any good horror movie, this shark flick takes place at an isolated lake house, where the inhabitants are being terrorized by fresh water sharks.  Yup. 

David Ellis (The Final Destination) directs a script by Will Hayes (Assy McGee) and newcomer Jesse Studenberg.  Sara Paxton (Last House on the Left), Alyssa Diaz (Red Dawn), Dustin Milligan (The Messengers), Chris Carmack (The Butterfly Effect 3), and Katharine McPhee (American Idol).