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Six Days of ‘Resident Evil 6’—Day 4: The ‘Resident Evil 6’ Survival Kit



There are only a few short days left until the release of Resident Evil 6, the latest in Capcom’s classic survival horror series.  Join us for six days of ghouls, guns, and gore as we count down the days, right here at FEARnet!

Today is Sunday, September 30.  In just two short days you’ll be able to go to a store, purchase Resident Evil 6, and feign your illness or death to get out of whatever work/school/wedding/funeral you may have that day so that you can go headlong into the latest installment in Capcom’s long-running franchise.

There’s a lot more preparation in store for you, however.  Calling your boss to tell them that your scarlet fever is acting up is only one piece of the puzzle; you’ve got supplies to gather for the long haul ahead of you.  Thankfully, we’ve got a checklist of what you’ll need to enjoy Resident Evil 6 to its fullest.


When you’re ogling the beautiful disaster that’s befallen the world in Resident Evil 6, you don’t want to be doing it on the glass screen of a standard definition television.  The best possible RE experience will come from a 1080p set so you can see every oozing sore, every scrap of rotting skin, and every droplet of indeterminate viscous fluid…actually, maybe an HDTV isn’t the best idea after all.

Even better for you 3DTV adopters: Resident Evil 6 charmingly supports that extra dimension, so Leon’s fabulous hair will seem so real, you can practically smell the Pantene Pro-V!  Technology!

Surround Sound or a Gaming Headset

We all know as horror fans that sound design is just as important to creating a creepy mood as the visuals, so you don’t want to be held back by your TV’s internal stereo speakers.  A good quality surround sound will transmit your enemies’ grunts and groans in their proper positional placement so you can blast them to smithereens accordingly. 

The better option would be a good 5.1 or 7.1 gaming headset, which has the double benefit of giving you the surround experience while also blocking out external noises, allowing you to both immerse yourself completely in the game and ignore your parents, roommates, or spouses!  Double win!

A Dark Room

Playing a horror game in a well-lit room is a surefire way to take its teeth right out, so do whatever you can to lower the lights.  Turn off any lamps, throw some blankets over the windows, do whatever you can to keep the room as black as can be.  Plus, it will make people outside your home wonder what the hell is going on (especially if you’re cranking the aforementioned surround sound) with the blanketed windows and the staccato snap of gunfire, so they can experience the horror without even being directly involved!

A Security Blanket

OK, we’re all adults here (if you’re not, why are you here?  Go back to watching PBS Sprout or something!) so let’s be frank: shit’s probably going to get scary.  So make sure you keep at least one blanket off of the windows so you can hide behind it, or dig your childhood teddy bear out of the mothballs.  If they could keep the monsters at bay then, they can certainly help now.  I suppose of you’re trying to keep your dignity, you could use a stress ball or something, but the last time I checked that promotional tchotchke from Showtime couldn’t protect you from the things that go bump in the night quite like good ol’ Ted.


When you’re facing the unimaginable odds of thousands of horrible zombies, mutants, and monsters all eager to make the words “You Are Dead” wash across the screen, you need a good dose of liquid courage.  Alcohol has been convincing us for years that we can dance like Michael Jackson, fight like Muhammad Ali, and seduce members of the opposite sex like a 60’s era Sean Connery.  In actuality, it just makes us smell like Oliver Reed on a Friday night.

Don’t let that discourage you, however!  Nothing will keep your nerves calmer as you face off against the mobs of murderous monsters than a bellyful of booze.  You can even come up with your own drinking game!  However, take my advice: don’t take a shot every time Leon and Ada exchange smoldering stares, or you’ll wind up getting your stomach pumped.

We’ve got just two more days in our series, and tomorrow’s a doozie!  I know for damn sure you’ll be visiting tomorrow for 6 Days of Resident Evil 6—Day 5: The Review!

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