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News Article

"Skate Away from Her, You Bitch!" Yes, It's 'Aliens' on Ice


Now this is the kind of insanity that makes me proud to be a nerd. The Old Murder House Theatre in Austin, Texas specializes in performing movies -- usually from the '80s and '90s -- on stage. Everything from Jurassic Park to Robocop. But the company is now tackling what is perhaps its greatest, and certainly most challenging, work: James Cameron's Aliens. On ice. Check out a video of this inspired lunacy after the jump.  

There's a lot to love in this video: the wigs, the era-appropriate power ballad, the colonial marine armor made of cardboard, the alien made of trash bags... But the best part must be that Newt is played by a fully grown, overweight, bearded man. Well done. If this is what it means to keep Austin weird, may the city never know normalcy.

For more, check out The Old Murder House Theatre's Facebook page.