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News Article

Slash Your Way Through These New Releases on FEARNET!


We have added new content to the FEARnet Video Channels section featuring the 2007 remake of The Hitcher trailer and the full length films, Serial Killing 101 and Flashback.

The Hitcher Trailer
Serial Killing 101

The Hitcher a remake of the 1986 film about two college students who pick up a hitchhiker in the desert without knowing his fatal plans for the ride.

As a pseudo-serial killer, who struggles to actually kill anyone while learning of his trade, may just uncover a real serial killer living in his town in Serial Killing 101.

After 10 years in a mental institution recovering from witnessing her parents’ brutal murder, a woman may experience a Flashback when tutoring French students in a lonely mountain cabin.

Also, don’t forget to watch this exclusive scene on FEARnet from the December 25th release of Black Christmas.

Exclusive FEARnet Black Christmas '06 Scene

Enjoy and let us know what you think!