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Slayer: 'World Painted Blood' CD/DVD Set

I was in the hospital when this long-awaited release from the ultimate thrash gods finally hit the streets… but nothing makes you feel better than an explosion of insane, brutal and technically brilliant metal – the kind that Slayer has brought to the devoted for nearly three decades and counting. Make no mistake, World Painted Blood ranks among their finest works, and there's nary a misstep among these eleven righteous cuts. If they're really considering calling it quits, I'd say this is a supreme swan-song.

To put a bloody little bow on top of this package, get the deluxe 2-disc set which features the short film Playing With Dolls – a 20-minute animated splatterfest depicting the exploits of an artistically-inclined serial murderer. It's under 20 bucks on Amazon, and Mom will love you for it!

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