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News Article

Smaller Scale Ghost Bustin' on the Nintendo DS


In the thunderous marketing barrage that is the Ghostbusters: The Video Game juggernaut, it seems like the barely mentioned version for the Nintendo DS is left in the shadows.  However, Atari has decided to change that by revealing footage of the tiny terror in action.  Video after the break!

In spite of the questionable visibility of that trailer (seriously, I think I burst something trying to make out the game), thislike more of an action/strategy mix than the set-top consoles’ pure action.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game for the Nintendo DS is being developed by Red Fly Studios, who is also handling the Wii version as well.  It looks like they’re playing it smart and working on making a distinct version of the game that plays off of the DS strengths as opposed to trying to shoehorn a watered down port of the Xbox 360/PS3 versions, or even the Wii title for that matter.  Guess we’ll find out on June 16th, when Ghostbusters: The Video Game hits shelves.