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News Article

Society 1 is Back with New Single & Video


Industrial metal band Society 1 – the sinister sonic creation of former porn star/producer and extreme performance artist Matt "The Lord" Zane – has returned from a hiatus with their first new material in over five years. "I Got You" is the first track from their forthcoming album The Lonely God. There's also a new video to go with it, directed by Zane himself. You can check it out after the jump, and also read more about their diabolical plans for the months ahead...

"I Got You" is one of eight videos that Zane and the gang plan to release over the coming weeks – each of which will be tied to a new single, available via their Facebook page. "It's a crazy schedule that we put ourselves on," Zane explained, "but I am really into the idea of trying to achieve something new and exciting visually for each track."

Zane's had major experience both in front of and behind the camera, as you might imagine... even beyond the porn stuff, he's no stranger to bizarre and controversial performances, once setting the world record for the longest period of suspension from Hellraiser-style flesh hooks. For the first round of new videos, he wants to exercise total creative control: "I haven't been in the director's chair for some time," he added, "and have a few ideas I want to explore." That alone is a pretty disturbing statement... but in a good way.

"I Got You" feels kinda subdued compared to the band's explosive early material, and as a performance video it packs more manic energy than the song itself. But it's still intense and creepy, which is something these cats always manage to do right. Check it out...