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News Article

Sony Developing ‘Twisted Metal’ Movie

The updated version of the car-combat classic Twisted Metal hasn't even been out a day, and already Sony Pictures is in talks with a specific director to bring the vehicular homicide simulator to the big screen.  Who have they tapped?  Find out after the break.

According to Deadline, Sony is in talks with Brian Taylor (half of the Neveldine/Taylor team that brought you Crank, Gamer, and the upcoming Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance) to both write and direct the big-screen adaptation.  Allegedly, Sony is looking to stick to the (admittedly thin) plot, involving iconic racers like Sweet Tooth and Dollface facing off against each other in vehicular combat in order to strike a Faustian deal with the mysterious Calypso. 

While Taylor may not be known for his films of substance, if he can stick to the same insane style that he has with his partner Neveldine, Twisted Metal has the potential to at least be wildly enjoyable.  We'll keep you posted here at FEARnet as we find out more regarding this adaptation.