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News Article

Space Zombies Invade FEARNET: Meet the New Necromorphs of ‘Dead Space 3’


Dead Space 3 once again throws the unfortunate Isaac Clarke against the malevolent Markers and the Necromorph outbreaks that they cause, this time teaming up with new partner John Carver on the frigid planet of Tau Volantis.  With the icy new environment come new flavors of nasty Necromorphs, bringing fresh threats to the duo for the third game in the series.


The most human-looking of Dead Space 3’s enemies, the Wasters hide a vicious secret under their more mundane façade.  In addition to the glowing fluids that ooze from their eyes and mouth, they will also reveal their true form when you sever their limbs, becoming a mass of writhing tentacles that will do everything in their power to make sure you don’t make it off of Tau Volantis alive.


Tearing a page from the Native American legend of the Wendigo, the Feeders are the sad result of trapped humans resorting to cannibalism…of the Necromorph corpses that were piling up outside of their snow-covered shelters.  While the tainted flesh curbed their hunger, it also had the side effect of shutting down all of the consumer’s internal organs, converting them into Necromorphs themselves.  Now they travel in packs as Feeders, prowling the tundra in search of more flesh to sate their ravenous hunger, and coordinating their attacks with bloodcurdling screams.

Swarm Infector

A more mobile, arachnid version of the bat-winged Infector, the Swarm Infector seeks out corpses to be converted into Necromorphs.  Once they find a suitable host, they wriggle their way down the esophagus into the host’s body, where they burst and begin conversion of the corpse into a new Necromorph soldier.  When there are no dead bodies around to feed upon, the Swarm Infector will gladly go after a living host, swarming them and invading the body just as they do with corpses, essentially cutting out the middleman.


Dig teams on Tau Volantis were often doped with adrenaline, allowing them to work longer and harder to mine the planet’s secrets.  Unfortunately, these adrenaline-soaked corpses became blindingly fast Necromorphs called Twitchers, who feed off the adrenaline in their bodies to cross great expanses in the blink of an eye and rip you limb from limb before you can even react.  Your only hope is your trusty Stasis Module, which can slow down the Twitcher long enough for you to dismember it.