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'Spiders 3D' Trailer Spins a Web of Grossness


This movie sounds amazing. Giant 3D mutant spiders are linked to the Soviet space program. Having not yet seen it, I can only imagine they are somehow fueled by both vodka and the fallout from Chernobyl. I suspect an evil re-animated Brezhnev is behind it all.

But enough of my speculation, here’s part of the official synopsis for Tibor Takacs’ Spiders 3D and the new trailer.

The body of an MTA subway worker is discovered after the satellite crash and his death ruled an accident. JASON COLE (Patrick Muldoon), the MTA line supervisor, is given clearance to re-open the station by a group of government agencies coordinated by COLONEL JENKINS (William Hope) and Russian scientist DR. ARANOV (Pete Lee Wilson).

When Health Department inspector RACHEL COLE, Jason’s ex-wife (Christa Campbell), examines the subway worker’s body she finds strange eggs incubating. During cleanup up of the crash site Jason discovers a giant spider's nest filled with egg sacs.

Colonel Jenkins and Dr. Aranov immediately take control of the situation and put out a cover story that a deadly virus has broken out. Everyone is evacuated and Jason is denied entry into his subway station. Their true agenda is soon revealed as they set out to capture and experiment on the oversized creatures hoping to harness their webbing for a new type of stealth material unlike anything else on earth...



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