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Stay Away From These 7 Countries, Where You're Most Likely to Get Kidnapped



While most websites compile lists of the top places for you to go on vacation, the good people over on Thrillist just whipped up a list that's quite the opposite, and which caught our interest here on FEARNET. We all know that places like Hawaii and Paris make for excellent vacation spots, but what about the places that we oughta stay away from? What are the most downright dangerous countries in the world? Now that's a list we should all be made aware of.

Mexico kicks off the site's list with a reported 1,583 kidnappings last year alone - they note, however, that as many as 99% of kidnappings go unreported. KIdnappings are most common in the border cities of Mexico, and though the drug cartels typically leave tourists alone, you've gotta keep a close eye on random street thugs and rogue cab drivers, who may be after what's in your bank account.

Other kidnap-heavy locals include India, Venezuela and Brazil, which all share the statistic of having thousands of reported kidnappings in 2012. Venezuela may be the most dangerous tourist destination of all, boasting one of the highest murder rates in the world, with many residents using ransom-based kidnapping as their primary source of income. Over in Haiti, a recent US travel advisory warned that "No one is safe from kidnapping," as the country is home to several widespread kidnapping rings.

To see the full list of places you should stay away from, be sure to head over to Thrillist.

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