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Stop Zombie Mouth this Halloween with ‘Plants vs. Zombies’


There were few things that annoyed me more as a little monster than non-candy treats on Halloween.  Apples?  Meh.  Prunes?  Bleah!  Chick tracts?  Ooooh boy.  Kids today have got it made this year, with the American Dental Association teaming up with PopCap Games to help kids “Stop Zombie Mouth.”

Apparently by stopping in at your local ADA-approved dentist, you can pick up a pack of trading cards that contain a download code for a free copy of Plants vs. Zombies for either PC or Mac.  You can also print out your own coupons at the Stop Zombie Mouth website to give out to trick-or-treaters in lieu of sugary sweets that will give them the rotting teeth of the walking dead (or a meth addict). 

The benefit here is twofold: you get to introduce a whole new generation of little gamers to the absurd brilliance of Plants vs. Zombies, and you get to keep more candy for yourself!  Everybody wins!