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Street Artist Paints Horror Icons in Abandoned Locations


Alien street art

Going under the name JPS, artist Jamie Paul Scanlon is a true inspiration, a guy who engaged in a battle with his innermost demons and came out victorious. After the deaths of two close friends, Scanlon recently found himself in a downward spiral that saw his life ruled over by drugs and alcohol, and he made the choice to get clean and dedicate himself to a much healthier addiction; art.

Rather than a bottle of booze, Scanlon now finds himself wielding a paintbrush, which he uses to turn decaying buildings and discarded objects into beautiful works of art. Thankfully for horror fans like ourselves, Scanlon is also a big fan of guys like Freddy, Pennywise and Chucky, and it's oftentimes horror icons that he can be found decorating crumbling brick walls and beat up old doors with.

Check out a few of Scanlon's awesome creations below, and see more over on the JPS Facebook page. You can also buy prints of select pieces in his online shop!

JPS Pinhead

JPS Freddy Krueger

JPS Last Exorcism

JPS Evil Dead

Pennywise clown

Poltergeist TV

Check out some awesome Batman graffiti, which another artist recently decorated an abandoned nursing home with!