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Surviving the Frankenstorm: What to Watch


Now that you’ve hurricane-proofed your home and have everything you need to make french toast, there’s only one thing to do while you wait for the Frankenstorm to finish punishing the East Coast: watch a movie.

Here’s 6 films on FEARnet to get you through the wild night.

Quarantine 2: Terminal - 6pm EST
Why: Your flight is cancelled today, but it could definitely be worse. Try battling a virus that’s hitched a ride on your plane. John Pogue’s tale of in-flight terror will make you seriously consider taking the bus.


Rec - 8pm EST
Why: Because an outbreak of flesh-eating zombies makes being quarantined in your home by a killer storm seem like no big deal. Balaguero’s tale of a news crew trapped in an apartment building ripped apart by a deadly force, is a modern classic.

Splice - 12am EST
Why: Because scientists should learn not to mess with Mother Nature. Vincenzo Natali created a fun and creepy sci-fi tale about the things that can go wrong with geneticists add their own DNA into the monster mix. Raising a teenage creature is tougher than it looks

The Gate - On Demand
Why: Because demons do WAY more damage to your house than a hurricane. It's a totally awesome denom adventure movie starring a very young, and slightly chubby, Stephen Dorff as Glen, who unleashes demons from a geode found in his backyard.  Thankfully, Glen’s best friend Terry is obsessed with the metal band Sacrifyx whose album holds the key to sending the demons back to hell.

Frozen - On Demand
Why: Because it’s man vs. nature and nature is probably going to win this one. Adam Green reminds us there are worse things than being trapped indoors with your annoying cats during during a storm; you could be trapped on a ski lift in the icy outdoors with killer wolves nipping at your toes.

Pumpkinhead II - On Demand
Why: We’re only a few days from Halloween, so, let’s show Jeff Burr’s sequel about this demonic killer pumpkin a little love. After all, he only comes around once a year.

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