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Susperia's Got a New ATTITUDE!


Norwegian black metal heavyweights Susperia (who spell their name different than the Argento flick, BTW) have revealed some tantalizing info about their upcoming album Attitude. The follow-up to 2007’s Cut From Stone is coming out later this year, with a North American release date of May 19. The band has offered up some diabolical details on their blog this week, so click below to find out what they had to say!

It’s been a trying year for Susperia, due to singer Athera’s (aka Pal Mathieson) heart attack and subsequent open-heart surgery last month. Athera remains undaunted: “Damn it, we will never let anything stop us… ever!” the vocalist reported from his hospital bed. “Even if death itself comes knocking… and believe me, it did!” He urged the band to go forward without him for their UK “Insects & Attitude” tour next month, and they are looking for a temporary replacement until he makes a full recovery.

Despite this major setback, the release of Attitude is going forward as planned. Their fifth studio release was recorded in Norway and mixed in Sweden’s Studio Fredman, and features musical contributions from Testament vocalist Chuck Billy (Susperia famously supported Testament onstage in 2005) and Dimmu Borgir frontman Shagrath. The nine tracks include titles like “Elegy and Suffering,” “Mr. Stranger,” and a lovely term that people have often applied to yours truly: “Sick Bastard.”

"We have worked nearly two years on this material,” Athera previously recounted on the band’s blog. “It will take you back to the early days with melancholic riffing and dark emotional vocals. It's a perfect blend of everything Susperia has been and become."

The band’s new label Candlelight Records is now taking pre-orders for the album… so check ‘em out at their official MySpace and find out how to get yours.