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News Article

Techland and WB Games Announce ‘Dying Light’


Techland has made their mark on horror gaming with the Dead Island duo, and they look to keep their streak going with the upcoming Dying Light, set to be published by WB Games in 2014 according to a press release issued today.

They’re certainly keeping with what they know: Dying Light is billed as “a first-person, action survival horror video game with a portentous day-night cycle set in a vast open world.”  Players will craft weapons to use against the omnipresent undead threat…sounds a helluva lot like Dead Island, right?

However, Techland has a few other tricks up their sleeves to flex the next-gen muscle of the next wave of consoles, including that aforementioned day-night cycle which offers some truly gorgeous and moody lighting.  The daytime is spent scavenging supplies to prepare for the night, which promises more aggressive ghouls and “predators which only appear after sundown.”  However, the typical FPS controls from Dead Island have been beefed up, offering up “inventive free-running mechanics [which] allow for nearly unrestricted exploration.”  Sounds kinda like parkour to me, which would certainly change the creeping-running binary choices of typical horror FPS games.

Dying Light will be released in 2014 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.  Phew!