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News Article

Television Tourniquet: Supernatural' Episode 5.12


Swap Meat
Written By: Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin
Directed By: Robert Singer
Original Airdate: 28 January 2010

In This Episode...
The boys travel to Massachusetts to investigate a haunting at their childhood babysitter’s house.  While researching at a local fast food joint, Sam discovers that the haunted house is hundreds of years old, and legend has it that a witch was hung there during the witch hunts.  While discussing this, a teen cashier overhears the two talking and takes a great interest in the conversation.  The boys split up, with Sam heading to the library to do some research.  He comes up empty-handed, and on his way home is struck in the neck by a dart.  When he wakes up, something is off...

The teen cashier, Gary, has switched bodies with Sam.  Tired with his stressful, overachieving life, Gary and his buddies Trevor and Nora started dabbling in witchcraft.  Dean is on Hell’s Most Wanted list, and the trio thinks that if they kill Dean, the devil will grant them all their wishes.  Trevor is pissed that Gary slacked on killing Dean in favor of fucking a dominatrix he met at a bar, and conjures up a demon to do the dirty work.  The demon takes over Nora’s body, and she kills him for subordinance - then goes to do the deed herself (himself?).

Dean, by now figuring out that his brother is not his brother, scares Gary into giving up the location of his brother.  Before he can do anything, demon girl shows up, knocks out Dean, and unties Gary.  Rather than wanting riches or eternal life, Gary wants to be turned into a real witch.  The demon says there is just one requirement: he must, essentially, sell his soul to the devil.  Gary balks at this, and begins to chant in Latin.  Dean comes to and the duo perform a tag-team exorcism.  The demon leaves the girl in a puff of black clouds, and Gary performs the ritual to swap him and Sam into the correct bodies.

Dig It or Bury It?
It seems that this premise would be ripe for hilarity and farce; instead it was dull and pedestrian.  The idea is in no way original, the kids were annoying, there was no action, and there was barely any humor.  The original haunting story falls by the wayside and is never resolved.  It was a completely forgettable episode.

Sibling Rivalry
Not much strife this episode.  The closest it gets is when Dean teases Sam about his choice in meals.  Dean has a burger and fries, while Sam orders a salad in a cup that you shake to coat with dressing.  Not only is he eating girly food, he is eating it in a girly way.

Spooky Humor
When Sam is brought “home” to Gary’s house, he spends some time raiding Gary’s room, trying to figure out who he is.  He comes across a Star Wars t-shirt and deduces that Gary is a virgin.

Blood Brothers
Worst. Murder. Ever.  Demon Girl, annoyed by Trevor, kills him - by apparently jamming her arm into his gut until he dies.  You see nothing - the shot is framed from his shoulders up, and when he dies he just slumps down.  Demon Girl licks the blood from her hand.

It’s time to go back to the future - Dean and Sam must go back in time to protect their mother.  She is going to be killed before the boys can be born.