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News Article

Television Tourniquet: 'Supernatural' Episode 5.13


The Song Remains The Same
Written By: Sera Gamble & Nancy Weiner
Directed By: Steve Boyum
Original Airdate: 4 February 2010


In This Episode...
Anna shows up and tries to lure Dean into a meeting at an abandoned warehouse.  Cas goes in his place, not trusting her intentions.  He is right to - she is there to kill Sam so that he cannot become the devil’s vessel.  Then she goes flying back to 1978.  Cas fills the boys in on Anna’s return.  Since Cas won’t let her near the Winchester boys, she is going to the source: she is going to kill their parents.

Sam and Dean convince Cas to send them to 1978 to stop Anna.  They go straight to their parents house.  Mary is wary of them - last time she saw them, demons killed her parents.  They pose as cousins and John insists on being hospitable.  Just before dinner, John is lured out to the garage by his “boss” - only it is Anna calling, and when John gets there, his boss has been killed.  Mary, Sam, and Dean show up just in time, and banish Anna long enough to get to safety: a cabin that had been in Mary’s family for generations, and was stocked for demon-fighting.

While the foursome is fortifying their defenses, Mary finally coaxes the truth out of Dean: that they are her children.  Sam and Dean try to convince her to leave John so that she doesn’t have the boys - there is a big difference between being killed and never being born.  But it is too late.  Mary is already pregnant with Dean.

Anna enlists the aid of another angel, Uriel, to break down the Winchesters’ defenses.  In the melee, Sam is stabbed and John gets knocked outside, where he gives his body over to the angel Michael.  Michael/John goes in, kills Anna, makes Uriel disappear, and tells Sam that his ideas of free will are ridiculous.  No matter what happens, the future is written, and Sam will have to die.  But not yet.  Michael/John saves Sam, sends the boys back to the present, and scrubs the minds of Mary and John.

Dig It or Bury It?
Supernatural has an odd habit of disappointing.  Every time I am getting into an episode, it just peters out.  It’s like the writers write themselves into a corner, and realize that they have just 10 minutes or so to wrap up the episode, and do so with a snap of the fingers - in this episode, literally (Michael makes Uriel disappear with a snap of the fingers).  It is just such a letdown.  Battle, battle, battle.... running out of time... let’s just tell them that destiny is already written, it is not your time.  Celebrate with a drink, and roll credits. 

Sibling Rivalry
he boys are quite in sync this episode.  They have a common interest: saving their parents.  It’s kind of sweet, but Sam spends a good portion of act two crying over how much he misses his mom.  That was a little obnoxious.

Blood Brothers
Anna’s death is pretty fantastic.  While it pretty much just takes a touch from Michael, she immolates from the inside out in a fantastic display of fire and twisted flesh.

Spooky Humor
This week’s episode was a bit light on the humor, but when the brothers arrive in 1978, the first thing I notice is the same thing that Sam notices - the wacky, wacky mustaches.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the boys must get hedonistic pleasures under control before it destroys a town.