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Television Tourniquet: 'Supernatural' Episode 5.19


Supernatural Episode 1.19
Hammer of the Gods

Story By: Jim Michaels
Teleplay By: Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin
Directed By: Rick Bota
Original Airdate: 22 April 2010

In This Episode...
The boys pull in at what Sam calls a “four-star hotel on a no-star highway,” a swanky 1960s-style joint called the Elysian Fields.  A wicked storm has forced them off the road, and Dean is pleased for a night off.  Sam is just starting to relax when a crash from the next room yields a crack in the wall and a set of honeymooners who disappear.  The creepy concierge sends the boys into hunting mode, and they find a freezer full of hotel patrons.  Before the Winchesters can rescue the hostages, they are whisked away by two goons to a conference room.

In the conference room, the boys discover they are the guests of honor at a dinner held for the gods of different religions: Odin, Ganesh, Baron Samedi, Baldur, Zao Shen.  The concierge is Mercury, and the ringleader is Kali.  She is concerned that if they don’t fight back against the Judeo-Christian apocalypse, they will be caught up in the crossfire.  The Winchester boys are their bargaining chips.

Trickster Loki shows up, annoyed that he wasn’t invited to the party.  But it is not actually Loki; it is Gabriel, in something of an angel relocation program.  Gabriel, who once had a relationship with Kali, tries to seduce her in order to break the tethering spell she has on the boys.  He fails and she stabs him with his own sword.  But some of his trickster guise must have rubbed off on Gabriel, for the sword was a fake.  Gabriel calls his brother down, and Lucifer wastes no time killing all in his path.  Gabe tosses Dean a video to protect, and tells him to get the hell out.

Gabriel and Lucifer have their showdown, and Gabriel tells Lucifer he is not on his side or Michael’s side; he is on the side of humanity.  Lucifer doesn’t take too kindly to this, and kills his brother - this time for real.

A safe distance away, Sam and Dean watch the DVD that Gabriel passed them.  Disguised as a cheap porno (though, is there any other kind of porn?) Gabriel gives the guys one final message: he is dead, and it will be impossible to kill Lucifer without him.  Sam and Dean’s only chance is to trap Lucifer, but in order to do that, the boys must collect the four rings from the four horsemen in order to unlock the only trap that can hold the devil.  With two down, the boys just need Pestilence and Death.

Dig It or Bury It?
I was so looking forward to this episode.  It had so much potential, but in the end I felt like it fell flat.  It was ripe for jokes and wackiness, but it never really peaked - just fizzled out.  That said, it was still a pretty good episode.  I loved having a god convention - it is about time other gods were recognized.  Lord Xenu was noticeably absent.  However, I will be shocked if religious fundamentalists don’t riot.  What kind of message is it that Lucifer summarily slaughters every non-Judeo-Christian god in the room?

Blood Brothers
What the episode lacked in humor, it made up for in slaughter.  There can always be more slaughter, but cannibalism and decapitation go a long way.  The episode opened with a security guard being killed off-screen, but we got to see a bucket of the red stuff splash on the wall.  When the boys start to get the hotel heebie-jeebies, their investigation leads them to a big boiling pot of eyeball soup.  A feast fit for the gods is laid out by way of a decapitated head with all the fixin’s: limbs and entrails.

Sibling Rivalry
The boys have pretty much reconciled. Now all that is left is petty squabbles about porn.  Lucifer and Gabriel’s rivalry, though, was pretty much epic - after all, it did end in Lucifer killing Gabriel in a violent flash of light.

The boys are going to hunt down the remaining two horsemen.  First up is Pestilence, portrayed as a flu-ridden old man with so much mucus it envelops him like a cocoon.  This is not going to be pleasant.