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News Article

Television Tourniquet: 'Supernatural' Episode 5.2


Supernatural Episode 5.2
"Good God Y'all"
Written By: Sera Gamble
Directed By:  Phil Sgriccia
Original Airdate: 17 September 2009

In This Episode…

Castiel shows up in Bobby's hospital room.  Bobby is hoping for some healing, but Castiel, cut off from heaven, doesn't have the power to do so.  He is there to tell Dean and Sam that their plan for stopping Lucifer is stupid.  The only one who can stop him is God.  But before the boys can start looking for God, Bobby gets a call from Rufus.  He is up to his ass in demons in a small Colorado town, and Sam and Dean head out to help.

Once there, they find the town deserted and trashed.  Ellen finds them and, after confirming they have not been possessed, takes them into the shelter where she's holed up with a dozen or so apocalypse stereotypes: the young pregnant couple, the priest, the soldier, the businessman.  Sam and Dean head into town to gather salt and guns.  While out, Sam is attacked by a pair of demons.  He slaughters them handily, but the spilled blood is almost too much to resist.  Dean rounds him up before he gives in to temptation.

The boys return with the supplies, but Ellen must go out and find Jo and Rufus.  Sam insists on accompanying her, even though Dean does not think it's a good idea.  They find Jo and Rufus – or, more accurately, are attacked by them.  They are possessed.  Ellen escapes back to the safe house, but Rufus takes Sam hostage.  There is something that Sam and Dean don't understand, yet figure out separately.  The possessed people who attacked them were speaking as if they believed Sam, Dean, and Ellen were possessed themselves.

In fact, it's not a demon possessing the town.  War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, has rolled into town (under the guise of the businessman) and glamoured the town into believing some people are possessed; he then sits back and watches the fun.  Ellen and Dean rescue Sam and manage to talk the glamour off of Rufus and Jo.  Dean ambushes War and gets him in a choke hold while Sam comes at him with a knife.  War laughs – he can't be killed by a knife.  But Sam knows that – instead, he cuts War's ring finger off.  The ring is the source of War's power; without it, the glamour fades off the remaining townsfolk. 

Later on, in the lakeside peace and quiet, Sam opens up to Dean.  He knows that Dean doesn't trust him; he doesn't trust himself.  Sam admits he wanted the blood, and was afraid what would happen if he got back on the stuff.  He's in no shape to be hunting, and wants to part ways with Dean.  To Sam's surprise, Dean agrees.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode was quite engaging.  I have not exactly been a devoted viewer of Supernatural, but this episode was better than I remember the show being.  I really loved the washed out tones of this episode – everything was just slightly gray, and it managed to be stylistic without being cliché.  Enough action to keep my attention, though most of the action scenes were shot too closely zoomed-in.  I couldn't get a good read on who was getting in licks.

Sibling Rivalry

Dean was not happy to let Sam go out a'huntin'.  It even came to fisticuffs.  But Dean relented, and Sam proved himself trustworthy.  When Sam announced he was parting ways with his brother, he was both surprised and saddened when Dean didn't try to stop him – didn't even put up a fight.  They don't part on bad terms – just sad terms.

Blood Brothers

Sam did a wonderful job wasting a couple of possessed teens in the grocery store – stabbed one through the chest, one through the neck.  Afterwards, he looked like he wanted to hump the huge pool of blood at his feet.  He wasn't as tempted when he hacked off War's finger – though that chop gave off a delightful spray of blood.


Castiel is still looking for God, but there seem to be an awful lot of folks telling him God is dead – included a creepy, possessed Haitian dude who's levitating within a summoning circle.  Luckily, Dean is sharing his bed with a hot young blonde who promises to protect him.  I'm sure he feels safer.