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Television Tourniquet: 'Supernatural' Episode 5.6


Phobia Friday: Parturiphobia- Fear of childbirth.

Supernatural Episode 5.6
I Believe the Children Are Our Future
Written By: Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin
Directed By: Charles Beeson
Original Airdate: 15 October 2009

In This Episode...
The guys head out to Nebraska when a babysitter turns up with half her skull mauled off – her charge sprinkled her hairbrush with itching powder.  Shortly after they arrive, another man dies, this time of electrocution via a joy buzzer.  A man shows up, missing all his teeth – but gaining 32 quarters – when his daughter, frightened of the tooth fairy, leaves her first lost tooth under her dad’s pillow.  A kid ends up in the hospital after Pop Rocks and soda gave him a bad stomach ache.  Another kid ends up under a surgeon’s knife when he made a face and it froze that way.

Sam and Dean figure it out – all the lies that children believe are coming true.  Finding the center of all the incidents, the guys visit an isolated farmhouse and meet Jesse, a sweet, round-faced boy – kind of like that little kid in that episode of Twilight Zone – except Jesse doesn’t realize he is doing anything wrong.

Sam finds out that Jesse was adopted.  They visit his birth mom, Julia, who initially worries that the brothers are demons.  The reason for her fear?  A demon impregnated her with Jesse – she was a virgin at the time.  When she birthed him, alone, in an alley, she was going to kill the baby, but couldn’t bring herself to do it.  Jesse is the antichrist – demon spawn.  Half human, half demon, and more powerful than either.

Cas is convinced that the boy is too powerful and must be killed.  Dean and Sam believe that Jesse can choose to use his powers for good – kind of like the Force.  The demon, now knowing where his spawn resides, returns, repossesses Julia, and goes for his kin.  They all converge on the kid’s house.  Before Cas can stab him, Jesse turns him into an action figure.  He listens to what Dean and Sam are telling him, until demon Julia shows up and throws them against a wall.  Luckily Jesse is far more powerful than any traditional demon.  He silences demon Julia and likes what the brothers have to say, so he banishes the demon just by telling him to leave.  Sam and Dean offer to take Jesse with them, where he can be trained to fight evil, "just like the X-Men."  Jesse considers it, but leaves a note and runs away.

Dig It or Bury It?
The first half was great.  It was really fun to live through the physical incarnation of a child’s beliefs.  But the second half was bo-ring.  It was very talky.  The demon trying to tell Jesse why he should come to the dark side.  Sam and Dean trying to talk him into doing good.  Seriously, that went on for a good 12 minutes or so – an entire act.  There needed to be some action, or even just a smart-ass remark from Dean... something to break the repetitive tug-o-war.  I do want to know what happened to Jesse’s adoptive parents.  Mentions of them are always "they are at work" or "they are asleep" (and apparently can’t hear the battle of souls raging downstairs).  It feels like something sinister happened to them.

Spooky Humor
Sam triangulates the sites of all the "incidents" to find out the epicenter.  The Winchesters’ motel is right in the middle of the area – which would explain why Dean has suddenly developed a case of very hairy palms...

Sibling Rivalry
The brothers got along quite well this episode, though Sam was both disturbed and embarrassed by his brother’s hairy palm – and he wouldn’t let Dean borrow his razor.

Next up, the Winchester boys get involved in high-stakes poker.  I hope there isn't Russian roulette in the back room.  Also, Sam meets Dean as an old man.  Maybe he lost his youth in the poker game?