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News Article

Television Tourniquet: We Find 'Lost' -- Episode 5.14


Lost Episode 514 (Happy 100th Episode Lost!) "The Variable"
Written by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz
Directed by Paul A. Edwards
Original Airdate: 4/29/09

Dig It or Bury It?

Happy 100th Episode! Classic Lost – slow build, smooth finish.

Definitely dig it. I did find Faraday's flashbacks, however, beyond lame. They were chock full of who-gives-a-crap back story and little pieces of the puzzle that we didn't need to see the whole picture.

But, like I said two weeks ago, everyone's back mixing it up again and that's good enough for me – especially in this whole "Doctor Who" scenario they've kinda set up. Oh, and also… Jack is back, baby!


We finally got conclusive blood tests on the Farraday family and it was about as obvious as identifying a large yellow canary that mugged you between the streets of Sesame and Oxford. Yep, Farraday is the love (or hate rather) child of Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore. We also learned that Desmondo is alive well, as is my man crush for him.

We found out what the deal was with Farraday and Charlotte's card game last season (he has evidently lost his memory). And we also learned that Widmore himself recruited Farraday to join the freighter crew.


Sayid, anyone? What lies ahead for Sawyer and Juliet? How will the gang get back to the present if the Whisper King is dead? When will we be seeing the journey that Locke, Sun, and Ben are supposedly going on? When will Hurley begin work on Return of the Jedi?

Repeat Offenders

The problem with this section is that with the show now being in the past, people who might've once qualified for this are becoming regulars on the show. So let's just keep it at: a bunch of people you probably already know and are going to get to know even better were in this week's offering.

Easter Eggs

The Lost book club has now broadened its horizons to magazines, as we saw Farraday taking a look at a copy of Wired. Hurley's guitar made a repeat appearance alongside of the unfinished Orchid station (which was actually a revisit of the first scene this season). "Jughead", the hydrogen bomb Farraday told them to bury in episode 503, will possibly be back and be detonated. The episode name in itself is a reference to Season 4's mindblowing "The Constant." Oh yeah… and just in case you need ‘em, the numbers unlock the sonic fence around the D.I.'s camp are 1-4-1-7-1-7.

Weekly Rant

Hey Sawyer, remember when you were a total dick to Jack and gave him that B.S. about how Winston Churchill read a book every night before devising the master plan? It must be hard to read with all that egg on your face!

Bullet Biters

Farraday! Goodbye to the Whisper King. Though I don't quite understand how a friggin' gun fight complete with exploding barrels breaks out at the motor pool and no one goes down. Jack commandeers his first mission since arriving back to the Island and Farraday gets killed! What is happening on Lost?!


How about this? I'm predicting that the rest of this season is only going to reaffirm that this is the best show on TV. I'm assuming that with Farraday dead, no bombs will be detonated and that it'll be up to Locke, Ben, and Sun to go backwards rather than the 77ers forward.

All I know is I can't wait.

Until next week, Lost aficionados.

And now, a recap...

In This Week's Episode

We start off with Desmond being rushed through a hospital, Penny and Charlie at his side. He's taken into the operating room where Penny is told to go wait for news. As she waits, Eloise Hawking shows up and tells Penny that her son is responsible for Desmond's wounds. Her son? Ben Linus? "No," Eloise quips, "My son is Daniel Farraday."

We're now in 1977, right where last episode left us, with Farraday exiting the sub. He's been in Ann Arbor doing experiments at Dharma headquarters. The first thing Farraday does is go to see Jack. He asks Jack how he got back.

After a brief Farraday flashback to when he was a child, we find Jack going to Sawyer's house. Sawyer is reluctant to let Jack in, Phil being tied up in his closet and all, but Juliet tells Sawyer to let Jack in on the hostage secret.

Meanwhile, Miles and Farraday hit the Orchid construction site where we see the first sequence from this season's premiere. Farraday walks down into the Orchid station, bumping into Pierre Chang on his way.

Farraday hears a worker quip about time travel and goes chasing after Chang. Farraday tries to talk to him about time-travel. Why's he so interested? "Because I'm from the future." Of course this sounds even crazier to Chang and the conversation is ended when Farraday tries to tell Chang that Miles is his son. Chang storms off but Farraday has a plan. What is it? "You'll see…"

Flash to Farraday, pre-freighter. He's lost his short term memory due to an experiment gone awry – the same one that put his girlfriend in a coma. Widmore comes to his house and tells him that he faked 815's crash and that he needs Farraday to go to the Island and help those people. He tells Farraday that if he goes, his memory issue will be cured.

Sawyer has gathered up the Islanders in his house and is giving them the rundown of what's going on with the Phil situation. They've got two choices: Get on the sub and leave the Island or go out into the jungle are start from square one. Jin and Hurley vote for square one but before anyone can register theirs Farraday and Miles storm in.

Farraday tells Sawyer that he needs to find the Others. The immediate response is "Farraday you're crazy", until Jack jumps in and tells Farraday he'll get him there. Jack recruits Kate, Juliet gives them the code to the security fence, and they're on their way.

On the way to motor pool to grab guns, Farraday makes a quick detour to tell Charlotte age 9 that she should get on the next sub out with her mom and never come back. Once at the motor pool, Farraday, Jack, and Kate are caught taking guns by Radzinsky and his cronies. A firefight ensues. Farraday is grazed by a bullet but the gang makes off sans injury.

In a flashback to off-Island dealings. Farraday's mother comes to visit him and reiterates that Farraday should do what Widdy says and go to the Island. Farraday, seeking the acceptance of his dear old mum, agrees to do so.

Down at the security fence, Jack patches up Farraday and Farraday explains to Jack that they are in their own present. Everything that is happening has already happened for everyone in the future but for the time-traveling lot of them, this is their present. Anyone can die at anytime and at that moment Kate makes some arbitrary comment from off-screen. Wiiiiink! After venturing into the jungle Farraday finally reveals his master plan which is to change the course of history. He plans to detonate the Jughead bomb, which would render the electromagnetic force beneath the Swan inert. Therefore no Desmond ever having to press a button, therefore no 815 crash, therefore no freighter coming to the Island…

Back at Sawyer's house Radzinsky shows up and immediately uncovers Phil. Radzinsky wastes no time in placing Sawyer and Juliet under arrest.

Off-Island, in what could possibly be the present, we learn that Desmond has survived his gunshot wound. Eloise leaves Desmond to banter about how he'll never leave Penny. Outside of the hospital, Widmore is waiting for Eloise. Widmore goes on about how his relationship with his daughter was a sacrifice he made to make for the Island. Ellie immediately interjects saying that he knows nothing about sacrifice. She sent her son back to the Island, knowing full-well what would happen. Widmore stops her. "He's my son, too."

Ellie slaps Widmore and walks off.

In '77 Farraday and co. find the Others. Jack and Kate lay low while Farraday infiltrates the camp. Farraday's immediately drawn into a stand-off with Richard and the rest of the camp. Farraday demands to know where Jughead was buried. Richard will not tell him so Farraday threatens to blow his brains out. On the count of… One. Two.

Thr—Boom! Farraday takes a gunshot from the backside square in the chest. His mother stands behind him, smoking gun in hand. Farraday with his last breath tells her "that she knew all along" (which for the record, she did – refer to the "knowing full-well" part of the last paragraph). She asks who Farraday is. "I'm your son." His eyes go dead.