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News Article

Television Tourniquet: We Find 'Lost' -- Episode 5.5!

Lost: Episode 505
"This Place Is Death"
Written by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis
Directed by Paul A. Edwards
Original Airdate: 2/11/09

In This Episode...

We kick off back at the docks, where Sun immediately hops out of her car and begins shoving a gun in Ben's face. He talks her down by claiming he can prove Jin's livelihood. Kate and Sayid tell Jack and Ben respectively to never talk to them again. And before we know it, Jack, Sun, and Ben are all on their way to collect proof that Jin's alive.

Back on the Island, Jin and Rousseau's team travel through the jungle in order to find the radio tower but end up in a showdown with the Smoke Monster. A dead Frenchmen later, Robert and the men are headed down into the tunnel the Monster dragged their comrade down into. Jin stops Rousseau from following and a bright flash later, he's all alone again.

Jin, still not really in the know about the flashes, travels through the woods to find a camp at the shore – accompanied by three dead French people. Around the corner, Rousseau is pointing a gun at Robert, telling him that going into the Monster's lair made him "sick."

Rousseau caps Robert, and upon seeing Jin again, freaks out and starts shooting at him too. Jin gets saved by the flash and ends up running into Sawyer, Charlotte, Faraday (who from this day forward I will refer to as the Whisper King), Miles, and Juliet.

On the track to the Orchid, Charlotte begins bleeding from the nose for the umpteenth time. Locke, being the sentimental fellow he is, says they need to keep moving and the Whisper King stays back with Charlotte while Jinny, Lockes of Love, Juliet, and Miles-To-Go-Before-I-Sleep continue on to the Orchid. Before their exit, however, Charlotte freaks out, screams at Jin in Korean, and then tells Jin not to let them bring Sun back because… you guessed it, "This Place is Death." (Ta-da!) Charlotte then tells them to "look for the well" if the Orchid isn't there.

Meanwhile, three years in the future, Sun and Jack journey with Ben to his undisclosed location. After a short lived discussion of who will shoot Ben first if he's lying, Ben pulls the mini-van over like an angry soccer mom and tells them they have no idea what he's gone through to keep the Island folk safe (I'm assuming at this point it might be because he still loves Juliet).

Back on the Island, Juliet and the rest of the fivesome get to the Orchid only to experience another flash -- causing the Orchid to disappear. Surprise, surprise… there's a well where the station once was – as in Charlotte's prophecy. Locke decides to spelunk down the well to get inside – but before his descent Jin makes Locke promise that he won't bring Sun back and gives him his wedding ring, advising him to tell Sun that he, Jin, washed up dead on shore.

Back with the Whisper King and his ailing lover, we learn that Charlotte lived on the Island as a little girl. She moved away with her mother, who denied the Island's existence, which led to Charlotte pursuing a career in cultural anthropology in an attempt to find the Island (and assumedly her father). Charlotte then discloses that there was a man on the Island who told her that if she ever returned she would die. Charlotte tells Faraday that this man was him! But before Faraday can whisper one more reassurance to Charlotte that she's gonna be okay, she dies.

Meanwhile as Locke spelunks down into the Orchid via the well, there's another flash and Locke falls down the well. The well disappears separating the other four from Locke, who is now in the icy cavern we recognize as home to the wheel – bone sticking out of his leg from the fall. Jack's dad appears in the cavern and tells Locke that he needs to spin the wheel a tad to correct the time-shifts on the Island. Locke heeds his command and as he spins the wheel its full cycle…

We find ourselves with Jack, Ben, and Sun at a church where Ben presents Sun with Jin's wedding ring. Soon enough Desmondo shows his face – confirming that Ms. Hawking is Faraday's mom after all. Inside of the church, the foursome meets with Ms. Hawking, who tells Ben that the three people he brought will have to do. "It's time to get started…"

Dig It or Bury It

Digging it. Yes, my love for this episode is so powerful that I'm using the present tense to describe it – because I'm not yet over its awesomeness. Last week I went a little hard on the men and women of Lost, due to the fact that Jin surfed six-thousand blocks of C4 to safety. But let me tell you something… you have a cold, cold unrelenting heart if you weren't touched by Jin and Sawyer's reunion.

The way they tied Rousseau's interaction into the mythology of the Island was incredible, and totally validated Jin's return for me, the way he too played into it. And the ending? One of the best of the season! Ms. Hawking is quickly becoming one of the coolest characters on the show and she's done in it two scene's time. Imagine what'll happen when she's in a third!


I called it! Ms. Hawking is Faraday's mom! Although I can't really gloat too much as the writers telegraphed that one like a mofo.

In other news, it turns out Rousseau WAS batshit crazy when she murdered everyone in her expedition (although seeing a time-traveling Asian man probably doesn't do much for your sanity). We also found out just how much of a history Rousseau had with the Smoke Monster and, surprisingly enough, Jin.

It finally turns out Charlotte was born on the Island… not too surprising. But she was part of Dharma?! Amazing.


Is Miles Pierre Chang's kid? Which member of the D.I. was Charlotte's dad? Will Jin still be alive by the time Sun gets to the Island?

What exactly did Ben do to keep our Island bound Losties safe? Is Jack's dad Jacob, or has Jacob taken the form of Jack's dad? How long before Jack and Ben's harassment of Sayid leads to some sweet, sweet boot-in-the-face action? Will Hurley be able to fit out the doors of county prison when he's finally released?

Easter Eggs

The Wheel and the icy cavern where it's contained made a valiant return. The radio tower where Rousseau planted her message all those years ago got a lil' nod – as did the resident Lost rockers Geronimo Jackson. The music box Sayid fixed for Rousseau showed up – still in working order. The Frenchies mentioned stumbling upon a "temple", which, it's safe to assume, is the same one Ben sent Alex and co. to before Keamy spoiled their plans with his trusty high-powered rifle.

Repeat Appearances

This episode was like a g-d Lost family reunion. Jack's dear old dad Dr. Christian Shepherd, PhDrunk (or as I like to call him… JACOB!) was on hand for another round (Get it?! Round?!). The smoke monster terrorized Rousseau, Robert and the rest of the Frenchies, who apparently aren't as good at science as they are at GETTING MURDERED.

Ji-Yeon (Jin and Sun's kid, who by the way is gonna have a very tough time communicating with her new "playmate" considering they speak two different languages) and Sun's mom. And, of course, Ms. Hawking… who will be spending her last week here in the Repeat Appearance Section, as I suspect she's gonna be a regular on the cast sheet for many weeks to come.

Bullet Biters

Sun scratched her itchy trigger finger and decided against capping Ben. But we did see the blonde doucher from Rousseau's expedition get dismembered by the Smoke Monster, who also chomped up a chick named Nadine. I suppose all that's considerably worse though than getting shot for no reason by the Jungle Queen herself -- a route that the other four French dudes decided would suffice. And of course, the big kahuna from this week… Charlotte. Yes, after spending a majority of the season hemorrhaging from the brain, Charlotte finally kicked it – but not before giving us a dose of that sweet Island mythology that we Lost-lovers crave.


If you saw the preview for next week, you probably noticed Hurley telling someone "I'm in…" I'm gonna assume that we're being tricked and that he's not at all "in" for the return to the Island. I think he's in on a kick-ass scheme with Sayid to do exactly the opposite.

I also believe I've figured out why, despite having contacted Rousseau in the future, Jin was able to meet her before that point in time. I believe this is because Jin's earthly form is from a place in time where Rousseau is dead – meaning that her life had run its course therefore the worst thing Jin could do to alter her future is accidentally get her killed – which we all know Rousseau did a pretty good job of herself.

We're finally about to find out the earliest origins of the Island and possibly whether or not Ellie (the blonde chick who marched Faraday down to the H-Bomb) is actually Ms. Hawking, Faraday's mom.

I also think it's pretty obvious how the "Faraday tells young Charlotte never to come back to the Island" thing is gonna play out. Faraday, distraught by the death of his lover and on a collision course with the D.I., will clearly bump into Charlotte in the past (keeping in mind my theory about Rousseau being dead holds up – i.e. Charlotte's dead now, which makes Faraday's contact with her in the past plausible) and tell her not to come back.

Here's to hopin'! See ya next week, Lost Fans!