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News Article

Television Tourniquet: We Find 'Lost' Episode 5.6!

Lost Episode 506
Directed by Stephen Williams
Written by Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof
Original Airdate: 2/18/09

In This Episode...

We start off just as the series did. Jack lying in the middle of the jungle, his eyes shoot open. As he looks around at his surroundings, he hears cries for help. Racing to the voice, Jack dives off a waterfall into the water below. Jack's back, baby! We see that it's Hurley who's been calling out for help. Once Jack secures Hurley, he sees that Kate is passed out on a rock across the way. He rushes to her side and as she wakes up, they remark, "It worked…"

Flash to 46 hours earlier... We pick up off the Island at the church, where the last episode ended. Ms. Hawking takes Jack, Sun, Ben, and Desmond down to an area called "The Lamp Post"; where a large swinging pendulum rocks back and forth over a world map. We learn that this is where the Dharma Initiative first located the Island. Ms. Hawking tells us that they learned to try and predict where the Island would be rather than where it currently was. They now have predicted where the Island will be, and in order to jump through the "window" that will take them to it, they must get on Ajira Airlines Flight 316.

After Desmond storms out angrily when he learns that Jack and Sun are considering going back, Ms. Hawking takes Jack aside and gives him a letter. It was John Locke's suicide note – and it's addressed to Jack. She also tells Jack that in order for their plan to work, as many of the variables on Flight 316 must be the same as they were the day 815 crashed on the Island. Jack must give something of his father's to Locke, as Locke is acting as a proxy for Jack's dad.

After a visit with Jack's granddad, he ends up with a pair of his father's old shoes – which are just Locke's size. Upon return to his house, Jack finds Kate. She's a complete wreck. Jack asks her where Aaron is and she tells him that if he wants her to go back to the Island with him, he's never to ask about Aaron again.

The next day somebody has beat the stuffing out of Ben, which sends Jack to pick-up Locke's corpse. Jack puts the shoes on Locke and tucks the suicide note into his jacket, telling him he won't read it because he's listened to everything Locke had to say to him. At the airport, Jack, Kate and Sun are all in attendance – and they're not alone. Sayid rolls in, handcuffed, escorted by a U.S. Marshall. And Hurley sits waiting for the gang at the gate. Ben mysteriously boards the plane, even though he supposedly cannot go back to the Island, causing everyone to go up in arms. Before the plane takes off, the flight attendant brings Jack Locke's suicide note and says that it was found on Locke's body during a mandatory inspection of the coffin.

I must say, this next part I called about mid-way through the episode.

Frank Lapidus is the pilot of the plane (though he had no idea about the window back to the Island). Upon seeing Sun, Ben, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid behind Jack, he figures out the plane isn't headed for Guam.

Eventually, as the plane moves along, Jack decides to read Locke's suicide note which says, "I wish you would've believed me." Soon the plane begins shaking violently and a white light flashes.

We're back with Jack jumping into the water rescuing Hurley and Kate.

As the three get to the bank of the river, a Dharma Van comes tearing out of the woods. It stops and a man with a gun gets out. It's Jin – dressed in full Dharma attire.

Dig It or Bury It?

Dig It. There's not much else to say. This episode is one of those reaffirming experiences where you finally stop doubting that the writers have no idea where they're going and just join them on the ride. Am I the only one who thought it was great seeing Jack stop being a total douche bag and start being a g-d hero again?!


We now know how they found the Island in the first place – with a large swinging pendulum and some crazy mathematic formulas. We know that Locke committed suicide by hanging. We know how the Six get back – though the details of it all still raise a few questions. And I think we all learned a little bit about cosmic string theory, no?


What happened to Aaron? Where are Sun, Lapidus, Ben, Hurley, and Sayid? Why has Jin joined Dharma? Who laid the smack down on Ben?

Is that the last we've seen of Desmondo? How did Sayid get locked up?

Repeat Offenders

They pretty much stuck to the basic cast in this one, with the exception of one Franklin J. Lapidus showing up. I'm sure now that we're back on the Island IN THE PAST (that's right, I said it), we'll be seeing all kinds of funky friends. Maybe Horace Goodspeed? Pierre Chang? Charlotte, age 6? Dare I say… Ben's Dad?!

Easter Eggs

Ajira Airlines made its follow-up appearance in the Lost universe. In the airport, you might've noticed Hurley with a copy of Y: The Last Man – a comic written by Lost staffer Brian K. Vaughn. "The Lamp Post" is another literary reference and a Lost favorite at that – C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia. The Dharma Van's back in business too!

Bullet Biters

Ben was only beaten HALF-to-death but that poor Ajira attendant got thrown around like a rag doll in the cabin when the plane started going berserk – making her our only Lost casualty for "316".


So many things to say so I'll just say it all… I think that when Locke corrected the Donkey Wheel he stopped the time shifts and lodged everyone back into time – IN THE PAST. Yes, this is why in Episode 1 we saw Farraday working for Dharma. This is because Farraday must team with Dharma to manipulate time and get everyone back to the present. What the hell this had to do with the Six coming back, I'm not sure yet. I think that Ben's return to the Island is possible because technically he never actually moved it – just dislodged it from time.

I'm also gonna say that the weird "I'm sorry about your friend" guy from the airport, who was sitting in first class with the Six, is coming along with them for the ride and is WORKING FOR WIDMORE!

Clearly Locke is gonna be alive again when they wind up back on the Island, you knew that the second Jack asked Ben if he was really dead and Ben ignored the question. I think it's also pretty obvious that Kate gave Aaron to Clare's mom – that's why she doesn't want to speak about him.

Next week's episode is entitled "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham", so don't expect too many answers about the present just yet. First we gotta find out what Locke did when he left the Island! 'Till next week, Losties…