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News Article

Television Tourniquet: We Find 'Lost' Season Five -- Episode 3

Lost Episode 503: "Jughead"
Written by Elizabeth Sarnoff and Paul Zbyszewski
Directed by Rod Holcomb
Original Airdate: 1/28/09

In This Episode...

Desmond races through the crowds of some crazy foreign marketplace, looking for a man who turns out to be a doctor. Penny's apparently "lost a lot of blood." Upon entering the boat we witness our second Lost childbirth – Penny and Desmond's little bundle of joy.

Flash forward three years… Des, Penny, and their kid head towards a magical island, an island Des claims to have left long ago, a place he thought he'd never come back to – Great Britain. Wah, wah wah...

(Sorry, you Losties aren't gonna see Desmond back on the Island TWO episodes in a row!) They're headed to find Farraday's mother.

Back on the Island (in God-knows-when), Farraday, Charlotte, and Miles are headed to the creek (the de facto meeting place) where Miles notices some land mines and before he can scream, "Don't move!" – kaboom!!! Bodies go flying, killing everyone but our three freighter folk (fulfilling the weekly purge of 815 extras). Soon some of the flaming arrow people come flying out of the jungle and the freighter people are captured.

Locke, Juliet, and Sawyer are all hanging out on the other side of the Island, Locke having just saved the latter two from some sweet Hamurabi-style hand chopping action. They've got two captees of their own – the chums of the folk who've got Miles, Charlotte, and Farraday across the Island. The two men speak Latin to one another – a language Juliet is, coincidentally, well acquainted with. How? Because she and the two hostages have one thing in common – they're all Others (and apparently all the Others know Latin).

Juliet immediately name drops Richard. Locke pounces on the two young men once he hears some Jacob-talk and strikes a bargain with one of the men to take them back to the camp and to Richard. The deal is subsequetly broken when the other captive (the one WITHOUT a plea bargain) jumps up and breaks his comrade's neck. The surviving Other runs off into the woods. Locke stops Sawyer from shooting the escapee.

Richard meets up with the now captive Farraday, Charlotte and Miles.

It's clear that Ricardo thinks they're U.S. military and that the Others at this point have been having violent run-ins with the military. In fact it turns out that the Air Force has just dropped a hydrogen bomb on the Island, and it failed to explode. And it just so happens that Farraday knows how to defuse said bomb. Next thing we know Farraday has professed his undying love for Charlotte and Mr. Alpert's sending him out to defuse the bomb.

Upon returning from his negotiations with Farraday, Richard finds the Other in refuge of Locke and Sawyer. He tells Richard that he's escaped. Richard berates the young man for coming back to the camp as he could've been tracked. The arrogant young Other tells Richard that he knows this island better than anyone else and that no one could track him… Except maybe… Locke?

Meanwhile in the future-present, Desmond ports into Britain to visit Oxford and look for Farraday's mom. The University has no history of Farraday or his mother. Something's fishy. Desmond searches out Farraday's old office where he finds a slip of paper with a name on it. Soon a security guard is busting up Desmond's investigation and Desmond's left with just the slip. The security guard mentions that the University denies its association with Farraday because of "what he did to that poor girl"…

Desmond finds the house on the slip of paper. He's invited inside and sees that the person he's looking for is in a coma. This is the poor girl Farraday did something to. Her sister/caretaker tells Desmond that the girl is being kept alive by Charles Widmore, and that Widmore funded Farraday's research for a decade. The girl in the coma is clearly a failed experiment of Farraday's – a human Eloise if you will.

Desmond seeks out Widmore of all people and demands to know where Farraday's mother is. Widmore reluctantly gives him the address.

She's in LA. As Des is leaving, Widmore tells him that he needs to keep Penny far away from Farraday's mother and his 815 friends – she'll be in grave danger. Desmond, however, ends the episode on his way to L.A.

Back on the Island, Locke meets up with Richard. The Other, formerly Locke's prisoner, is astounded to see he's been tracked and immediately wants to shoot him. Richard tells WIDMORE to settle down. That's right. Mr. No-One-Can-Track-Me is Charles Widmore. Widmore is/was an Other. Locke tells Richard that he was sent by Jacob and then gives Richard the compass from the last time they met. Richard divulges that it's the mid-fifties. Locke tells Richard that he'll be born in two more years… on May 30th. Locke insists that Richard go and see him as a baby so that he'll believe Jacob sent him. Suddenly the sky starts to change…

A cute blonde Other leads Farraday down to the hydrogen bomb he's set to defuse, which is hanging inches from the ground. The bomb's name?

Jughead. There it is! Farraday says the only way to defuse the bomb is to fill the gash in it with lead and then bury it. He follows that up by telling the girl that he's from the future. Go figure.

Soon Sawyer and Juliet come out of the jungle and wrestle the gun from the Other holding Farraday captive. Soon the sky starts to change.

Time trippin'… erm… time!

Miles, Charlotte, Juliet, Sawyer, and Farraday are all united after the time shift. Suddenly Charlotte goes down. She's unconscious and bleeding from the nose...

Well, see ya next week.

Dig It or Bury It

'Dig' with a capital 'It'. Lost is not screwing around this season.

It's got a different feel than the early seasons because of how much of it is rooted in the Island's past – but it's more incredible than I ever could've imagined. Widmore is an Other?! Who writes this stuff?

It's hard to believe that an episode without Ben or Sayid could be this great (then again it did have Desmond on its side). But it was.


We've just reached Step 2 in a 3-Step program of finding out that the ring lady from the end of "The Lie" (who's name, according to the Lost recap, is Eloise Hawking) is Farraday's mom. She's in LA? Where Ben is? Count it.

How does Widmore know about the Island? Oh, he was only an Other – and first generation to top it off! Whew-weee! Oh yeah, and now we know why Richard looked like he was gonna throw up his stomach when he was looking at baby Locke in the incubator – because adult Locke told him to do it!


…So why did Locke give Richard that compass again? Is Charlotte dead?

Widmore is an Other?! We're gonna have to get some details on that… Where are the six time-tripping Losties headed next? Does Farraday have a chance with that hot blonde Other from the 50s if Charlottes does in fact die?

Easter Eggs

Ummm… Farraday's old rat maze makes an appearance? Desmond and Penny's kid is named Charlie – as in 815 passenger Charlie Pace?

Suffice it to say, it was a slow episode in Eggtown.

Bullet Biters

Charlotte may possibly be dead -- but I doubt it. The writers killing off someone who may have potentially been born on the Island -- and is the Master of Space and Time Farraday's girlfriend? Expect Charlotte to live another day…

There was Young Widmore's cronie, whose neck got the twig treatment from ol' Widdy (nice to know he's always been a sociopath). A moment of silence for our extras we lost down by the creek when Farraday and co. walked straight into an blatant trap.


So I said it last week and I'll say it next if it doesn't happen during Episode 4… the ring lady, Eloise Hawking, is Farrday's mother, dammit!

Ben vowed to kill Penny and now she and fam are headed straight on a collision course with the dungeon he and Ms. Hawking organize their little candle-light vigils in. Name me someone who loves murder more than Ben? Okay, Sayid… But who's number two? That's what I thought… Expect him to try and do some of that when he sees the Hume family.

I think Charlotte will live. Plan on her man Farraday to bravely travel through the cosmos to preserve the only girl that he'll ever love that's not currently a vegetable. Did I mention that the ring lady is Farraday's mom?