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Texas Man Photographs What He Believes to Be a Chupacabra



Out of all the legendary cryptids, the Chupacabra is the one most often sighted, and the famed 'goat sucker' has been blamed for everything from destroying vehicles to devouring livestock. Though they've been spotted all around the world over the years, it's a recent string of sightings in Texas that has many staying in their homes, and one man believes that he's captured several photographs of the elusive creature.

As we spotted over on Roadtrippers, Scott Black spotted the strange dog-like animal roaming around his backyard, which he says was chasing a terrified raccoon. Not only are the creature's footprints visible in the backyard of his Texas home, but he also managed to conduct a little photo shoot, unbeknownst to the mangy mut. "It had big, long, pointy ears. Long tail, had no fur," says Black, "but on its skin you could see splotches of gray and splotches of raw skin."

Texas chupacabra

Animal experts believe that this and other recently spotted 'Chupacabras' are actually the result of crossbreeding, between domesticated dogs and coyotes. The hybrid animals are allegedly being created for the sole purpose of making locals think that they've spotted the infamous Chupacabra.

These so-called Chupacabras aren't only found in Texas, though. Check out a similar report and Chupacabra photograph from Mississippi!