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These Custom Monster Fetuses Are Adorably Frightening



"Original artwork that doesn't suck" is the motto of artist Miguel Gomez' Etsy shop MitchRobot4, which is packed with artwork that indeed doesn't suck, along with various oddities that also don't suck.  In addition to preserved and pickled snakes, frogs and geckos, Miguel also sells a particularly awesome set of zombie nesting dolls, as well as fun and unique pieces of hand-drawn art.  But the coolest of the artist's offerings is no doubt his custom made fetuses, which give us a peek inside the bellies of pregnant mama monsters.

alien fetus

Miguel takes custom orders for the creepy creations, and has to date made fetuses of an alien, a baby Cthulhu, the Loch Ness Monster and even a killer clown.  Each piece is made of sculpey and painted by hand, and though none of the ones he's made are currently available for sale in his shop, he's up for making you the fetus of any kind of monster or creature your little heart desires.  "Anything from an alien, monster or clown is welcome," he says.  "Please give me a detailed description and I'll sketch up some ideas and get to work."

clown fetus

If this is just the sort of bizarre home decor you're looking for, head over to Miguel's Etsy shop to find out how to place a custom order.  And while you're there, be sure to poke around and check out his other unique offerings... which totally don't suck!