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Three Books at Harvard University Are Bound in Human Flesh


Book of the Dead

In the Evil Dead franchise, the Book of the Dead - also known as the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis - is quite literally a book bound in human flesh, and inked in human blood. Though inspired by the stories of H.P. Lovecraft, the frightening truth is that books made of human flesh are more than mere fiction, and many of them are housed in places you'd never expect...


As reported by publishing website Galley Cat, three real-life Necronomicons were discovered in Harvard University's library several years back, their covers wrapped in dry, crackling human flesh. The practice is called Anthropodermic bibliopegy and was pretty common back in the 17th century, with many anatomy texts from the period wrapped in the skin of dissected cadavers.

The three books in Harvard's macabre collection range from a book of Roman poetry to a book on French philosophy, with the other book - a treatise on medieval Spanish law - bound in the remains of a man who was flayed alive.

Similar books can be found at Rhode Island's Brown University and the University of Georgia, and inscriptions on the inside typically indicate the horrifying truths behind their creation.

Many believe that the real Necronomicon is being hidden at a New England college. Read all about it!