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News Article

Tim Burton Wants to Judge You

Man, if only they had art contests like this back when I had to draw pictures of U.S. Presidents in grade school... Genre auteur Tim Burton is judging Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter-inspired fan art submissions. And there are some pretty swanky prizes for the winner. Details after the jump.

The Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Art Competition, which launched recently on Facebook, asks you to take a stand, and "create your own campaign artwork to declare your allegiance to Lincoln or an alliance with vampires." All art media can qualify. (Thanks to Shock Till You Drop for drawing my attention to this.) Here are the rules...


Submit your own pro-patriot or pro-vampire artwork to the gallery at 

All Submissions due by May 12, 2012

Popular vote will decide the top five finalists

The winning finalists will be selected by Tim Burton

One Grand Prize Winner will receive a private midnight screening

Four runner-ups will receive a Tim Burton signed movie poster