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Together Again for the First Time -- 'Zombies and Cheerleaders'


If it seems impossible that no one has ever coupled America's love of the undead with its love of underage women in short skirts, that's because it is. Cheerleaders and zombies have crossed paths before -- most notably in Zombie Cheerleader Camp and in Moonstone's comic book series Zombies vs. Cheerleaders (pictured above). But no one has done a TV show devoted to the mashup before; and if serious zombies get a weekly spotlight in The Walking Dead, then there's no reason why funny ones can't, right? After the jump, check out the plans for Disney's Zombies and Cheerleaders.

Here's the official press release from The Mouse (courtesy of Animation World Network)...

Disney Channel has ordered the music-driven pilot "Zombies and Cheerleaders." Production on the pilot begins in December in consideration for a Disney Channel series to premiere in 2012.

The story follows Zed Necrodopolis, a typical high school student with one small caveat; he happens to be a zombie. Despite a high-tech wristwatch designed to curb any appetite he may have for his classmates, he and his zombie friends remain unpopular with the school's most influential group, the pom-pom wielding cheerleaders.  Never one to back down from a challenge, Zed sets out to improve zombie student body relations and win the attention of Addison, the cheerleading squad's newest member.

"Zombies and Cheerleaders" is executive produced by Eric Weinberg ("Scrubs," "Death Valley") and was written by Joseph Raso and David Light who also serve as co-executive producers. Todd Strauss Schulson ("A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas") will direct the pilot.