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Tom Six Dissects 'The Human Centipede' & Sequels


Human Centipede is a human phenomenon - one that director Tom Six is quite proud of.  In a new interview with EW, he discusses parodies ("It's incredible!"), bootleg merchendise ("It's really crazy.  I'm fascinated.") and, of course, the sequels.  Full dissection after the jump.

Six has been notoriously tight-lipped on details for his Human Centipede sequel.  Subtitled Full Sequence, the director promises "it will make First Sequence look like My Little Pony."  At least one character from the first film will return, and this centipede will be 12 victims long.  Look for it some time "after summer."

Six has a third installment planned.  Human Centipede (Final Sequence) promises to be just that - the last one.  "Then I don't want to make any Human Centipedes again."  Even more secretive about the final film, he says that he has an idea that is "completely different" from the first two, and promises the third film will make the second film "look like a Disney film."

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