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News Article

'A Touch of Evil' Board Game

As we pointed out with the Goth trivia game, horror tabletop games are old-school cool... and one of the grooviest I've seen recently is Flying Frog Productions' A Touch of Evil: The Supernatural Game. A colorful gothic scenario pits you and other players against werewolves, vampires, ghostly horsemen, zombie scarecrows and other denizens of darkness amid the pastoral village of Shadowbrook. It's a completely interactive layout, with models portraying the characters (including fiendishly hot outlaw Katrarina) and an accompanying soundtrack CD. It's also expandable, with content you can buy or download to expand the game universe.

Look for A Touch of Evil and its expansion packs at the Flying Frog web store. Or if you'd prefer to geek-out to a zombie apocalypse scenario, be sure to check out their new game Last Night on Earth.

$49.95 at Flying Frog Productions