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Toy Fair Horror Finds for the Ladies


As FEARnet wandered the aisles of Toy Fair this weekend in New York City, we found a bit of a trend we were thrilled to see. No, it’s not the LEGOS for girls (what?) or the female empowerment Nerf archery set that allows you to accessorize (really?). We actually picked up on the non pandering trend of horror-themed collectibles for females that don’t make you want to throw things in anger. It seems like the companies producing horror-oriented toys and collectibles actually get that having estrogen doesn’t mean you can’t want a dark edge to your girl-skewing products. 

Here are some of the most interesting lady scary skewing items we found…

NECA Carrie Figures

Director Kimberly Peirce’s remake of Stephen King’s Carrie debuts in theaters this October, but NECA’s ready to release their Carrie White action figures come August. Featuring the sculpted likeness of actress Chloë Grace Moretz, there are two versions of Carrie: looking lovely at prom and then moments after the legendary pig blood prank that douses the poor kid in misery. We love that the two pieces aren’t overly boobified and capture the essence and terror of that seminal moment. 

Mezco Living Dead Dolls Scary Tales Vol. 5

Give it up for Mezco’s always delightful, dark as midnight humor as seen in their Living Dead Dolls. Their creepy china dolls always get twisted themes and for their nursery rhyme line this year we get Little Miss Muffett and Little Bo Creep. Muffett is actually in the gang, The Spiders, and wears their logo proudly on the back of her shirt. Creep actually found her sheep…and ate them. She gets a pink Lecter muzzle so she doesn’t do it again. Each are sold separately in June 2013. 

Mezco Living Dead Dolls Blind Box

Living Dead Dolls also have expanded into 2” vinyl Blind Box figures. Series 3 features some nicely disturbing young ladies like Deadbra Ann, Sybil and Dee K. 

Mezco Giant Creepy Cuddlers Zombie Pets 

The horror plush line was a big hit in 6” size, so this year they get supersized with 12” versions of Mega Death Mittens and Mega Bear. Each will be available to squeeze in August for $39.99.

DST Lenore Bank

Roman Dirge’s Lenore, The Cute Little Dead Girl collectibles continue to expand at Diamond Select with her 20th anniversary year including vinyl banks being added to the line.  Available in August for $22.99.

Mystixx: Grimm & Zombie Girls

Mattel’s Monster High grabbed the ghouly girls a few years ago with their line of goth dolls, but Mystixx is jumping in with some pretty inspired designs based on zombies and Grimm fairy tales. In particular, the Grimm dolls have a naturalistic design weaving animals into their costuming including a ram for Azra. There are four dolls per line and they come out in the spring for $24.99 each. 

Tonner Warm Bodies

The adaptation of Isaac Marion’s Warm Bodies zombie rom-com turned out to be a hit with a lot more genuine warmth and heart than the Twilight series could ever muster. High-end doll company Tonner must have smelled success because they’re ahead of the curve with their R and Julie dolls based on Nicholas Hoult and Theresa Palmer in the film.  Both dolls are limited to 1000 pieces with R going for $189.99 and Julie for $179.00. 

Photos by Bill Edwards