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Transylvania Scientist Creates Real-Life Tru Blood


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In the fictional vampire-ridden world that HBO's True Blood plays out in, there's a drink on the market called Tru Blood - bottled synthetic blood that allows the fangers to drink what they need to drink, without sucking it from the necks of us inferior humans.  Bon Temps may be a fictional town, and there may not actually be vampires out there in the world, but a Romanian scientist has just proven that life sometimes has a tendency to imitate art... even when that art may seem highly unrealistic.

Professor Radu Silaghi-Dumitrescu and his team have just done what many have been trying to do for years, creating an artificial substance that the body recognizes as actual blood.  Though they haven't tested the synthetic blood out on humans, the team has successfully transfused the compound into mice, who reportedly responsed well to the treatment.  According to the scientist, the mice experienced no negative side effects after the transfusion.

The goal is for the synthetic blood to help transport oxygen around the body in emergencies, and Silaghi-Dumitrescu believes he's cracked the code to help keep recipients alive for several hours, possibly even an entire day.  And hey, if it helps keep vampires away from our necks, that's just an added bonus.

And yes, the scientist is from Transylvania - the region of Romania that Count Dracula calls home.  Can't make this stuff up!