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Troma Launches 'Father's Day' Music Video

We recently gave you a peek at Troma's new "clean" (sort of) trailer for their retro-grindhouse flick Fathers Day, and now they've put together a slightly more subdued preview in the form of a moody music video for Dan Bern's "Never Bin Born At All" – a gritty folk tune that fits in perfectly with the movie's ultra-sleazy redneck horror vibe. Hit the jump and watch the clip! And don't worry, this one won't traumatize you nearly as much as the footage we showed you last year...

Produced by Troma in collaboration with art collective Astron-6 (who created the original four-minute mock trailer) Father's Day is targeted for release on – surprise – Father's Day, June 19th. The pitch-black ultraviolent comedy centers around a vile serial killer & rapist who targets fathers and the vengeful one-eyed pimp who's tracking him down – and features Troma's main man Lloyd Kaufman in the dual roles of God and the Devil.

Dan Bern, who wrote and recorded the melancholy folk song "Never Bin Born At All," is an acclaimed singer/songwriter whose previous credits include last year's Get Him to the Greek and the stage musical Moving Home. Take a listen and check out the new trailer...