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Troubled 'Dune' Gets a New Release - Sort Of


Once upon a time, a crazy filmmaker named David Lynch (Eraserhead, Lost Highway) adapted  Frank Herbert's Dune into a feature film. The film was a flop, both commercially and critically. Lynch even tried to take his name off the film. Ten years before Lynch made Dune, an even crazier filmmaker named Alejandro Jodorowsky (El Topo, Santa Sangre) attempted the same feat. Despite madness on his side and an incredible team of then-unknowns (including H.R. Giger), the film never made it. We've got the next best thing after the jump.

Documentarian Frank Pavich is about halfway through a documentary entitled Jodorowsky's Dune, which "chronicles the two year effort by Jodorowsky and his team of relative unknown artists." Besides Giger, others involved in the project were Dan O'Bannon (Total Recall, Alien), Jean Giraud (The Empire Strikes Back, Tron),and Chris Foss (Alien). Jodorowsky and Giger's interviews are already in the can, and shooting will continue through summer. The project will be available at Cannes.

Check out the clip we found, part of Jodorowsky's interview.


Source: Hollywood Reporter