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'True Blood' Star Todd Lowe Talks Season 5


True Blood's resident cook Terry Bellefleur has been one of the show's few wholly lovable characters, but that's starting to change as Terry's military background is coming out this season, thanks to the introduction of his old marine pal Patrick Devins, played by Scott Foley. Todd Lowe, the actor who plays Terry, has a few words to say about his character's evolution in a new video interview.


The above video in an exclusive on The Hollywood Reporter, which adds that "Todd Lowe's character Terry Bellefleur has jumped from the frying pan into the fire this season on True Blood."

"The Iraq vet, who spends his time as a cook at Merlotte's, got a visit from a former Marine buddy (Scott Foley) which has sparked a heap of trouble for him. In the first three episodes, he's had troubling flashbacks, pushed his wife Arlene (Carrie Preston) and hovered creepily over their bed.

"When Foley's Sgt. Patrick Devins comes to Bon Temps, he awakens a part of Terry that seems to be tied to his PTSD and has something to do with fire.

"Terry's behavior is becoming more and more erratic, and so he agrees to head out on the road with Devins to search for their other Marine friend, who may be causing all the trouble...

"While the character in Charlaine Harris' books that the series was based on was a Vietnam vet, Terry was updated for the show to be an Iraq vetaran."