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News Article

Turn Your Pooch Into a Zombie For Halloween


I love my dogs the way people love their children, but I have one cardinal rule: dogs do not wear clothing. There are, however, two exceptions: one is if they are wearing a team jersey while you are watching sports. The other is Halloween. 

Three artists (two makeup; one comic) are out to make your dogs as ghoulish as you are on Halloween. Tired of the cutesy pup costumes, they are creating their own line of kick-ass dog costumes. Choose from Zombie Dog (with exposed brains and spine), Robo-Dog (with exposed circuitry and paneling), or Terror Bug (a giant bug that attaches to your pooch's back).

The project, Zombie Paws, is right now in the crowdsourced funding phase - the costumes in the photos are just one-off prototypes. Head over to to contribute to the project.