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News Article

TV News: 'Falling Skies' Gets a Premiere Date, and From 'The River' Comes an 'Infection'

We've got some nice small-screen news to share. First, the Falling Skies premiere date. TNT's alien-invasion drama will return on June 17th with a 2-hour season premiere and a 10-episode season. Next up... an Infection?

ABC has bought a drama from The River writer Soo Hugh. Perhaps this is a sign of the likely cancelation of The River (the ratings are low and the per-episode price is high)? Either way, with the 2012-2013 pilot season already underway, Infection wouldn't roll until the next pilot cycle (which could be as soon as midseason, depending on the success/fail rate of ABC's fall shows). Infection "chronicles a deadly pandemic ravaging the nation. A desperate President orders a border that divides the nation to halt the spread of the virus. Now, five years later, survivors on both sides fight to bring the country back together." The show is produced by Aaron Kaplan, whose recent genre-lite outing, Fox's dinosaur-drama Terra Nova was just canceled.

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