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TV Recap: 'The Secret Circle' Episode 109 - 'Balcoin'

The Secret Circle Episode 109


Written By: Andrew Miller & Andrea Newman

Directed By: Brad Turner

Original Airdate: 10 November 2011

In This Episode... 

Cassie brings Jake back to the witch house. Faye is there, and not happy to see Jake - especially when she catches him stealing a piece of jasper. After Faye storms out, Cassie shows Jake the old papers Calvin gave her. He discovers a hidden layer in the papers that reveals her father, John Blackwell's, family tree. Jake is startled and leaves. He goes straight to Isaac and tells him that Cassie is part of the Balcoin family, the darkest and most evil of the witch bloodlines. Isaac is alarmed. Jake promises he has no feelings for Cassie, and can continue with their "plan." That day, Cassie asks him to be her date to the charity gala tonight, and he blows her off, which makes Cassie pissy. Jake comes back later that night, apologizes to Cassie, and escorts her to the gala.

At the gala, Jake excuses himself to meet Isaac outside. Adam follows and overhears their conversation. Isaac has spoken to the council and there "is more going on than you are aware of." They must take Cassie out of Chance Harbor tonight. Jake convinces Cassie that they must leave town, right away, that she is in danger. Adam warns her via text that Jake is a witch hunter. Cassie plays along with Jake, then goes home to pack a bag. As Jake watches through the window, Isaac drugs her and takes her away. Jake tries to save her but one of Isaac's goons knocks him out. Adam and Faye find him a short time later, and he promises that if they help him save Cassie, he will leave town forever. The three of them head to the docks, where Isaac is loading Cassie into his boat. It is made of ash wood and therefore impervious to magic. Isaac and his goons leave, and Jake distracts them with a little magic while Adam rescues Cassie. The kids set the dock on fire behind them, leaving Jack on the boat with Isaac, trying to convince him that just because Cassie comes from a line of black magic doesn't mean she has to follow in their footsteps. Isaac hints that Cassie is not the only Blackwell blood in the circle.

Also: The spell Charles and Dawn put on Jane seems to be backfiring: she zones out, forgets things, and mistakes Cassie for Amelia. So either they screwed up on the spell or Jane has Alzheimer's. Maybe they gave her Alzheimer's. Melissa's cousin Holden comes into town for an extended visit, and Diana - who has always had a crush on him - starts flirting, leaving Adam not knowing who to be jealous of: Holden or Jake.

Dig It or Bury It?

The last 20 minutes of tonight's episode give me hope for the rest of the season. We are finally getting to the dark, chocolatey heart of the conflict and mythology. Sure, Cassie's kidnapping was a little weak and her rescue was simple. But they have introduced evil powers, family secrets, and infidelity (Faye is obviously part of the Blackwell bloodline) into the mix, so I am ever hopeful that when the season picks back up, it will be a different show.

I Put a Spell On You

This episode was light on the witchcraft - which I wish was something I was saying less often about a show about witchcraft. Jake held a lightbulb in his hand and caused lights all over the dock to blow up on his say-so. As Adam, Faye, and Cassie are making their less-than-daring escape from the boat, they set the dock on fire behind them. Isaac doesn't want to mess up his nice leather jacket, so he opts to pilot the boat away rather than, say, swim after the kids.

This Magic Moment

Jakes tells Cassie that witches used to separate paper (I am assuming he meant parchment) and wrote between the sheets before sealing them back together, in order to send "secret" messages to one another (you know, secret as long as no one held the paper up to the light).


So begins The Secret Circle's two-month hibernation. When the show returns in January, the teaser promises that Cassie starts learning about her dark magic.