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TV Recap: 'The Secret Circle' Episode 116 - 'Lucky'

The Secret Circle Episode 116


Written By: Katie Wech

Directed By: Joshua Butler

Original Airdate: 15 March 2012

In This Episode...

John Blackwell is trying to forge some kind of relationship with Cassie. He is back because he hurt Amelia, and he wants to protect Cassie from being overtaken by the dark magic. Cassie heads to the witch house, but she finds John already there. From the shadows, she sees him search a hidey-hole in the wall, then destroy a table when whatever he was looking for wasn't there. Cassie reports this to Adam, who knows exactly what he was looking for because he and Nick found it and hid it away. It is called a sway, a medallion that can be used to take a witch's power. Cassie confronts John about this, and he insists that he was looking for it so he could find the traitor, the one who sold out the circle to the witch hunters that night on the boat. The sway doesn't take a witch's powers permanently; it just transfers them to a "mortal" (yes, I will rant about that below). In this case, someone used the sway to grant powers to witch hunter Evan on the night of the boat fire. Cassie starts to think about it, and suspects Ethan is the traitor. Adam is offended by the notion. They make up later.

The school is having a charity casino night. John shows up, looking for Ethan. He instead finds Dawn, who comes on to him; he rebuffs. Outside, he is being followed by an unseen man. Cassie goes out to find her dad, and sees him get stabbed (non-fatally). Enraged, Cassie chases down her dad's attacker - it is Ethan. The dark side takes hold of her, and John has to intercede to prevent Cassie from killing Ethan. John explains that Ethan blamed him for the boat fire, but assures Cassie that he is not the traitor. In fact, John knows that Ethan is the traitor, and confronts him about it. John won't tell anyone that Ethan was the traitor, so long as Ethan doesn't mention what Cassie nearly did tonight. Ethan is full of anger towards John. He claims Amelia wanted John dead, and John got between the two; Ethan and Amelia were "written in the stars," just like Adam and Cassie are. John warns that "written in the stars" is not just a destiny; it is a curse. So that would probably explain why, at the end of the episode, when Cassie and Adam have sex, a flock of crows circle the house.

Meanwhile, Faye has decided that Lee will take her to the casino night. Lee says he has plans he can't break. Those plans are caring for Eva, who he brought back from the dead. She is way on the needy side and thinks that she and Lee will be together forever. Faye shows up at Lee's shop, looking super-hot, and she meets Eva. Furious, Faye goes to casino night alone. Lee shows up, kisses her deeply, and apologizes. He wants to be with Faye, he just has to be delicate with Eva. Fatal attraction girl shows up and is quite furious. Lee chases her home, begging her to calm down. Apparently Lee once promised they would grow old together, and so Eva - who now has magic powers or something - makes him collapse on the floor, convulse, and become kind of corpse-like. Also: Diana has a new love interest: an Australian named Grant who seems to have stopped into Chance Harbor on a world tour. Dude obviously has to be evil.

Dig It or Bury It?

Transfers powers to a "mortal?"  It's not like witches are immortal; otherwise the kids wouldn't be freaking out about their dead witch parents. What kind of high horse is Blackwell on? All in all, I felt like this episode was a strong one. Not too much irrelevant high school stuff. Not too much "I have a dark secret that I am going to let fester until everyone is in danger." Sure, there was some of that

I Put a Spell On You

Sometimes, it is the simplest magic that is most effective. While having coffee with her father, Cassie makes her coffee mug fold in on itself. It was pretty cool. I also enjoyed Cassie sending a bleacher across the field to knock Ethan down like a bowling pin.

This Magic Moment

According to John, magic comes from channeling the elements around you, but dark magic comes from within. One day he believes Cassie can learn to separate the two, but for now she is too experience. He doesn't want her doing any magic at all.

Saucy Witch

Cassie hands her dad a cup of coffee. "I didn't know how you take it. I figured black. The darker, the better."


It seems we are back to "teens having sex = the end of the world" as Cassie and Adam's coupling has killed that flock of crows, and set off a chain reaction of chaos.