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TV Recap: 'The Secret Circle' Episode 118 - 'Sacrifice'

The Secret Circle Episode 118


Written By: David Ehrman

Directed By: Nick Copus

Original Airdate: 29 March 2012

In This Episode...

A lanky man named Samuel is being chased through the woods by Eben and his goons. When he enters into Chance Harbor, Eben lets him go. Samuel goes straight to Jake's house and Jake attacks him. Cassie sees the kerfuffle from her room and runs over. Samuel and Jake are friends - or were, in Jake's witch hunter days. Samuel desperately needs help from John Blackwell. Eben is resurrecting demons (those slithery ones that possessed Melissa at the beginning of the season) and John is the only one who can help.

John joins in the fun, and Samuel spills everything he knows. Eben is resurrecting the demons to use their power to destroy witches. Eben is working with a witch, but Samuel doesn't know who. He does know that this is the same thing John did 16 years ago. Cassie confronts her dad, and John promises his intentions were not as evil. He summoned the demons so that the witches could utilize their powers to beat the witch hunters. But the demons wanted to possess the witches (they're no fools) and they were stronger than the witches. Amelia was the one who stopped them.

John tells Cassie to gather the circle at the witch house; he will meet them there with Samuel. Instead, John takes Samuel out to the woods, to the spot where he summoned the demons 16 years ago. He knows that Samuel is already infected with the demons, and seals him in a magic circle etched in the dirt. The kids, by now realizing they have been tricked, head into the woods, where they find Eben has already knocked out John. Jake goes to help John, and in doing so breaks the dirt etching. The circle tries to use their power to stop Eben, who has cut open his hand and chanting in tongues. It doesn't work, so Cassie steps up and tries using her magic. She creates a flamethrower out of a branch, and lights Samuel on fire. Samuel grabs Cassie and shoots fire at the rest of the circle. By now, John has come-to. Samuel taunts him, thinking that John has no power - but of course he does, and kills Samuel. Eben now has the demons in him. John tells the kids to let him go.

Back at the witch house, John gives the kids a pep talk / call to arms. He spent 16 years believing that witchcraft wasn't the answer, but now realizes that witchcraft is the only answer.

Dig It or Bury It?

Finally! Something happened! Not only was there actual action in tonight's episode, a plot was finally set forth. We are going somewhere. The witch hunters had popped up randomly throughout the series thus far, one moment coming across as the "big bad;" then suddenly losing all urgency when they didn't show up for a half-dozen episodes at a time. If the show can just maintain this plot over the next four episodes, we may have a TV show on our hands. Don't get me wrong; this episode still had the prerequisite cutesy dates and high school bullshit, but it was at least 50% magic action.

I Put a Spell On You

Adam is hosting a banquet for the school's hockey team at The Boathouse and Melissa and Faye agree to help him out. The girls decide that they want to try dating a non-magic guy, and turn their sights on the hockey team. Naturally, they both want the same guy, Kyle. Melissa enlists Adam's help to flirt: she chats him up about pro hockey, with Adam Cyrano de Bergerac-ing the tech specs into her mouth. Not to be outdone, Faye uses Adam to give her perfect dart throwing skills.

This Magic Moment

We finally learn about these crystals that all the older witches are so nutty over. According to John, the crystals contain the most powerful magic on earth. It was once one giant crystal, but it was deemed too powerful for any one person to have, so the elders split it into six pieces and gave one to each of the witch families. If the kids can find their parents' crystal and they can fit them all together, there is no stopping them. I would like to believe that this will lead to a corruption of powers, but I am trying not to get my hopes up.

Saucy Witch

Faye: "I'm grateful I never have to see Adam bat his oversized lashes at Cassie's undersized head."


It looks like John used his circle as a sperm bank. Faye is his kid, and she may not be the only one.