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News Article

UK Apartment Building Has Bleeding Walls


Bleeding Walls are generally something you'd only expect to see in a horror movie but for residents of one apartment building in Leicester, England it is happening in real life.  This isn’t another Amityville Horror, however, the actual cause is just as unsettling.  Cannibal rats.

It seems that the building is infested with rats. They have made a home in the attic and walls of the building. And while unhygienic as the infestation is on its own, they also seem to have a nasty habit of eating their young.  The blood from the cannibalized vermin seeps through the holes they have chewed and oozes out.

The tenants are looking to be relocated, but a Leicester City Council spokesman said: “We are continuing investigations to establish the cause of the problem.’’ 


This isn't the first time we have heard about cannibal rats. Earlier this year we learned of the ghost ship Lyubov Orlova that was also teaming with the rodents.