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U.K. 'Being Human' to End AFter Five Seasons


being humanThe series that started out as a punchline and turned out to be really, really good, Being Human is ending its run after five seasons on BBC. Syfy Channel's Being Human is based on the British format, but deviates greatly after the first season. This news will have no effect on the American series.

Series creator Toby Whitehouse confirmed the show's end in a lengthy letter on his blog: "Being Human really shouldn't have happened. A preposterous idea, an epic and circuitous development process, a modest budget - no, we really shouldn't have lasted. But Being Human was the little show that could, and that ridiculous idea managed to last 37 episodes, spawn an American version, 3 novels, an on-line spin-off and garner a shelf of awards."

Being Human began its fifth and final season on the BBC3 on February 3rd. The final season will air on BBC America later this year.