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UK Woman Inadvertently Smuggles Giant Pregnant Spider from African Rainforest


pregnant huntsman spider

With an average legspan of around 10 to 12 inches, Huntsman spiders are some of the largest of all arachnids, and they're mostly found in tropical regions like the African rainforest. So you can imagine one UK woman's surprise when last week her home was invaded by one, which found itself incredibly far from its natural habitat.

The Daily Star reports that Nora Serrat recently spent two weeks on vacation in the Cameroon rainforest, unknowingly returning home from the trip with a particularly frightening new piece of luggage. A massive Huntsman spider snuck into her backpack and hitched a ride all the way to the UK, where it soon emerged, eager to explore its new home. "It jumped out of the sleeping mat," said Serrat, "but we captured it with a carton box."

Most horrifying of all is that the giant spider was pregnant, carrying around a huge egg sac that contained 400 little spider babies. Yes, that is indeed an egg sac it's sitting on, not a makeup remover pad. Thankfully, no births occured in Serrat's home, and the Huntman was safely captured and will be returned to the rainforest.

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